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Showcasing only the top national and international brands like Panasonic, Nikon, Sharp etc, Video Care has fiercely fought competition by offering competitive prices and unmatched offer, thus achieving a distinct position in the Patna market as a value for money brand. Patna strategic store locations and ambience of the stores (exterior and interior) has added to the equity of the brand.

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Video care., is one of the most prominent retailer in Home appliances and Home entertainment in Patna, in the business since 1944. This family run retail business has seen evident growth and rapid expansion in the last six decades. It was in the year 2000 that Mr.Virendra.

Our Location

Address: Grand Chandra Apartment, Frazer Road,

Patna -1 
Ph: 0612-2232104, 2232107, 3250106
E-mail: videocare@rediffmail.com, info@videocare.in

Contact Person: Syed Imtiazuddin (+91-9471864666)

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